Friday, 01 October 2021
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With great regret, I have to state that at least two recent versions of pro2store are not working. This is due to issues with the checkout page!
The GRID AND FILTER I bought also refused to work on my site with pro2store, and support did not appear on this forum.
Be careful buying anything here and check the order page carefully after updating older versions of the pro 2 store.
I had to roll back all updates to version 1.4.8 to restore the checkout experience!
1 month ago
I was wrong, in version 5.1.4 diverse settings are needed Cart!

I must say right away that I was not able to configure it so that orders were registered, but perhaps you will be more fortunate.

And so, install version 1.5.4 and open the settings.
Open the tab: Other. There used to be only 1 switch.
But now there are 3, + dropdown menus!
By default, Show Prices with tax from default country is active, if you disable it, the calculations in the basket will resume.
But I got appeared a form filling error and I can't figure out what needs to be done to fill out the address form without errors.

Many thanks to Corinne after his post here: only it helped me in this experiment!
1 month ago
Artem is correct. However this does not help me as I need different tax rules for different countries. I have tested 1.5.4 to no avail but if someone has found a solution it would be good to know.

My issues is the tax in summary being stuck at the same calculation based on 1 product of the same item as below is correct if we are calculating tax at 23%.
Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 08-47-12.png

However as you can see in screenshot two, I have 2 x the same product at 100 euros the tax stays at 23% (23 euros in this case) where it should be 23% of 200 euros = 46 euros
Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 08-47-43 copy.jpg

This only happens when it multiples of the SAME product. It works fine if you are buying a variety of different products.

Any help appreciated!
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