Thursday, 11 February 2021
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I am starting to rebuild my Yootheme Joomla site using Yootheme Pro. Up until now I have used the ZOO Product Catalog and have not had a Cart Function.
We don't seem directly from our website (inventory item issues) however P2S looks like a very good solution. We still don't want to sell directly from our store, so customer will not be able to pay for their cart contents.
However, after viewing your video tutorials it appears I could use the Offline Pay feature to allow Customers to:
• add to their cart
• directly send an email with their Cart contents to us
• wait for confirmation from us that all items are available, as well as notification of the specific shipping charges (not possible automatically with our product)
• after confirmation from customer to proceed we would then send them a full invoice from QBO.
• It looks like we could then adjust their cart to show the exact shipment with shipping charge and check the Paid button, thus finalizing the transaction.
Have I understood this correctly?

Eventually we may wish to offer a Specials area of P2S where we would allow for direct payment from our website, but for now would like to try it out with the above scenario. Please confirm if this is possible. Looks like a great product - video was very clear!
more than a month ago
Hi Dan

Yes for the most part Pro2Store will work for these purposes.

However, at the moment, there is no facility to recalculate shipping costs after the order has been made. This is not something we're working on but it might be something we can look at in future should the functionality be required by the community.


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more than a month ago
Hi Ray
Thanks for getting back to me.

Couple of instances where this might be handy, especially if we are using P2S primarily as a “wish list” or “intend to buy” cart for our products.

- if a customer orders more items than can fit in a single box, thereby increasing shipping cost that cannot be calculated into single items

- size of box to be shipped is not always commensurate with the weight of the enclosed items. Ie. a 10 kg weight might be the same dimensions as a plastic stand for the weights, but the shipping dimensions if packaged together would not be the same cost as if two stands were shipped together. Here in Canada dimensions have as much to play with shipping costs as weight in some instances.

- The cost of sending the same package to different locations can vary widely, so a standard shipping rate cannot possibly be set.

- we place a maximum shipping cost per package of $40, and we will cover the overage ourselves. Actual costs are the price the customer will pay up to the $40 max. Depending on where a package is sent in Canada, the costs could be $40 +/- $15.

- some customers may fill in the P2S order, place their order in a cart, and then decide that the cost of shipping is not worth it, and decide they will make a “road trip” to pick their items up - still “Curbside”, in The Days of Covid :(

These are some of the reasons we’d like the option to have the shipping cost listed as an estimate only, with a note to say we will provide a true shipping cost with our reply/invoice.
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