Sunday, 09 January 2022
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Hi there,

i have an urgent question: I just switched from PayPal sandbox to live environment to test if everything works with the checkout but unfortunately it doesn't.

When clicking on the PayPal button, the Paypal dialog opens and closes after a second showing an error message on the checkout page of my shop. The error message states the following:

"There was an error creating this order (MAIN ERROR)"

I went back to the Pro2Store to check if there is an update or a newer version to install but there I also only get an error ("1062 -
DUPLICATE ENTRY '2147483647' FOR KEY 'PRIMARY'") if I click on "My Download" or "My Subscriptions".

Can anyone help me there? Getting really desperate here... 😥

Thanks a lot and have a great day.
2 weeks ago
Btw. some more information: PayPal Checkout works if I go back to sandbox environment but still not for live mode.

Also i tried to find the ID settings for paypal element on the checkout page but there is only the "normal" styling settings for the element.

I have no access to the downloads or subscriptions page on the Pro2Store website.

Please, please help me.
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