Tuesday, 04 May 2021
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Hi, I try to set up a kind of special donation function with Pro2Store.
The confirmation page has to point to/has to be an external URL and contain the name and the price of the product.

As the standard confirmation page is predefined as a "internal" Joomla article I can' find out which code in which files I have to change for this to work.

Is it possible to set up this process, and can you help me with it?
Thank you and regards
4 days ago
HI Simone,

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment but it is a good idea and something we can include rather easily. I'll have it ready for the next release.


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3 days ago
Hi Ray and Josh
Thank you for your answers. I got a message of both of you but for some reason the answers are shown separately, i.e. not in the same discussion.

You both seem to think that the option of an externel confirmation page is a good idea and that the integration of this funktion is not quite rocket sience.

So, maybe it would be possible that you integrate this function as "paid service" for me? Of course I am entirely willing to pay for your work!
Also I would gladly be a beta tester and run the shop in test version(s).

All I need to know right now is whether Pro2Store will cover my needs (in the next 3 or 4 weeks) or if I have to look out for different solution.
I have just discovered Pro2Store and I am - apart from this problem - quite excited about it. For this reason, it would be sad to have to rely on a different component.

Thank you!
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