Wednesday, 10 November 2021
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in a normal shopping cart the price to the right of the item qty is the subtotal for that item. my "cart items" mod is not doing that. is that on purpose or a bug? (the first item in the screenshot has a single price of $65.70 but as you can see I set the number of items at 2. I could put a /item right after the price but I am wondering if I am missing a setting. my shopping cart module does subtotal the items. and the subtotal at the bottom is behaving correctly.
any help would be appreciated.

also, is the J4 version 2.x in beta and what is your timeline on full publishing?

thank you so much!
1 week ago
Okay so i have confirmed by digging through the code that this is not a bug but just not designed to update. In looking around at tickets I did find someone had asked for this feature (a line item cost amount), but really this is not a standard cart pattern. In carts, items should subtotal by the amount in them by line and if you provide a number of items counter then that should be tied to the subtotal in the grid, not just an update at the final step. Can you please just let me know if there are plans to change this to an actual subtotal or if all development is now going to version 2.0? That would help me decide how to move forward. (maybe just hiding it or adding a label to it until we can move to V2.0.)
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