Saturday, 13 February 2021
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Hi, this is great! well done!
I notice two things:
1. at the bottom of the product screen in the admin it shows a section for Joomla Custom Fields but it's blank. I am assuming you are working on this but wanted to alert you in case it was a bug.
2. when you view a list of products you cannot view ALL. So if I have a root category of Products and then subcategories for each type of product, I can only see by category not root.
3. It would be nice if I could grid or list the product list view... just a thought.

more than a month ago
Liz Willner
1. This is not a bug, when you add a Joomla Custom field in Joomla Articles, this is where your custom fields show up in YTP :)
2. Can you show/explain where you see this issue? This is either a YTP or Joomla setting you may have as P2S does not limit products in any way.
3. Great feedback, please feel free to post any "Feature Requests" here:

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