Tuesday, 10 November 2020
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There are more basic functionalities that are more needed than this, but I will add the idea here on the list so it might be considered one day.

An upsell element that can be put on the checkout page. This would rock, and I don't know any Joomla e-commerce software that has this functionality.

Think of a new element after the cart summary or just before the cart summary or "Place order" button, saying "Add product XXX to your order and get benefit ZZZ!" The point is to upsell at the last steps when the decision to buy has already been made, and a simple beneficial upsell is easy to add to the order without much thinking. See the attached image.


I don't know how simple this should be. Probably just one preselected upsell product is enough. Maybe this upsell product could be selected for each product, so if there are many products in the store, each could have a different upsell at the checkout. Because Pro2Store is modular, I think this could be done.

Of course, this can be taken much further, like some expensive sales funnel applications do it: After clicking "Confirm order" button, there is a new upsell page that offers something an upsell to the purchase that was already confirmed and paid on the previous page. Not many payment processors have the option to add more to the confirmed order, and almost none of the e-commerce software has this. Online marketers pay a lot for those applications which make this possible, in my understanding. Many pros even have to develop their own custom carts to achieve this.

Anyway, just brainstorming publicly... :D
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1 year ago
I found a real-life example of this. These really increase the average purchase value.

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