Packed with Features

Even the free version of Pro2Store comes with some amazing features to help drive your ecommerce business.

Additions to the Yootheme Pro Element Library

Drag and drop these Pro2store elements and build the product page, checkout page and confirmation pages of your dreams! 

Free Elements
Add to Cart
Product Options
Item Multiplier
Item Total
Cart Items List
Cart Summary
Cart User/Login
Coupon Field
Checkout Notes
Offline Pay
T&C's Checkbox
Paid elements
Grid & Filter
Stripe Checkout
Mollie Checkout
Klarna Checkout

...and much more to come...

No more template overrides or terrible checkout layouts

Build the checkout you need with the Yootheme Pro builder.

Not only that, build your confirmation landing page, your User Dashboard pages and even your Cancelation pages, all with the Yootheme Pro builder.

A backend management tool built with a lightning fast JavaScript framework

Built with the Angular Framework, the Pro2Store Joomla backend is lightning fast, interactive and intuitive. Add products quickly and without fuss.

  • Edit table cells
  • Drag and drop image upload
  • Lots more coming soon...
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