Pro2Store 1.1.4 - Order Tracking and More

Ray Lawlor
03 December 2020

After a long wait, today we're delighted to release Pro2Store 1.1.4 which includes a ton of updates, additions and bug fixes. Read on to find out what's included.

This release includes many updates and additions that many of you in the Pro2Store community have been asking for, and we are delighted to finally have the system ready for immediate update. This build includes so many improvements it was almost going to be the "1.2.0" release, but we're holding off on 1.2.0 for the revised media manager... more on that later.

Order Tracking

Pro2Store 1.1.4 introduces order tracking codes to the order system. Now admins can easily add tracking numbers and tracking URLs for the most popular shipping companies. We've also added email short-codes to allow you to send the tracking numbers to your customers. We've added automatic URL generation for the most popular shipping companies, but if you want to have yours included in the system, please don't hesitate to contact us on the forum and we'll try to incorporate them in future releases.

order tracking

Advanced shipping options

In version 1.1.0 we fundamentally changed how shipping is calculated under the hood. This paved the way for more advanced shipping options. Version 1.1.4 brings us the first of those many improvements. Now the default Shipping Plugin for Pro2Store has a few new options to give you some flexibility on charging for shipping. These include:

  • Flat Shipping Override - This allows you to set a flat shipping fee for all orders, regardless of item shipping costs. If you need all your orders to have a €10 shipping fee? Then this is the setting for you.
  • Free Shipping Threshold - Want to offer free shipping on all orders over €100? Then this setting will allow you to do that.
  • Fee capping - Set a Shipping Fee "cap"... meaning that shipping fees will not go over the set amount

sipping plugin params


Address system refactored

We're also delighted to bring a new Address management system to Pro2Store. An admin can now set what fields they wish to have on the address forms across Pro2Store, and also which fields should be mandatory. We've also added better frontend validation for the forms, as well as fixed bugs on the Address Management module, allowing users to edit addresses etc.

address options


Bug Fixes & Improvments

This release also has a TON of small improvements and bug fixes which you can read more about here in the changelog.


So there's no time to waste!

Get updated to Pro2Store 1.1.4 today!

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