Pro2Store 1.2.0 Available Now - New Media Manager

Ray Lawlor
28 January 2021

Hi all. We hope you had a great festive break and we hope you have great a successful new year. To kick off 2021, we happy to announce the immediate availability of Pro2Store 1.2.0. This is our second "big" update (that's why it's move to 1.2 from 1.1) and includes a ton of improvements under the hood. It addresses a lot of small bugs and larger ones too. But most importantly, it includes the new Media Manager for managing images within Pro2Store. Read on to find out what's new.

New Media Manager 

We're delighted to bring you a brand new way of managing images for your Pro2Store products. This new system will allow you to choose how you manage images on the server, instead of simply dropping images into the main images folder like before. The good news is, we've modelled our media manager on the YOOtheme Pro one, so you should already be fairly familiar with the controls. The media manager will now work on any image fields in Pro2Store, including the Gallery plugin and in "Media" custom field.


media manager

Better number handling

Some of you in the community reported to us some strange "edge cases" when dealing with certain currency conversions and option calculations. To fix this, we have converted all money values to integers in the database. This adds so much more stability to the overall system and paves the way for us to introduce the new options management system

Improved Cart Layouts

A lot of you in the rpo2Store community have been asking for improved Cart Layouts for some time. Before, when a customer added more than one of the same item to the cart, the cart elements would list these as multiple items. this was never ideal. So in Pro2Store 1.2.0, we've improved this layout to allow for multiples of the same items to be listed as such, with more controls over adding and removing items. We also added table and grid layouts to the carts elememts.

Updated Backend Design

We've improved a lot of the backend UI by adding better contrasts, redesigned buttons and cards as well as adding better animations and loading spinner actions to improve the user flow of the backend. We've also updated a lot of the backend tech to the latest versions which keeps the memory footprint and loading times as low as possible. 


Read the changlelog

What's Next?

We're working very hard to bring you the new variants system which will replace the current options system; read more about that here. This is a big challenge but we're are working our way through it and we are getting closer to the release of this much requested feature. We also have some other little improvements and treats that will help you do more with Pro2Store.

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